Monday, October 25, 2004

Yes it's true!!!!!! :)

THIS is happiness! :)

I got this in my inbox today:

Dear Emily:
Congratulations, you've won the following product:
Name: Meet Steven Curtis Chapman in Person inSeattle, WA - 10/28/04
Product Quantity: 1
Seller Name: Steven Curtis Chapman Auction
Seller First/Last Name: Steven Curtis Chapman Auction Support
Seller Company: Steven Curtis Chapman Auction


will be taking a picture with me! :)


Kristy said...

His eyes...his smile....(he's old) but he's so cute!
So tell me darling why is it that you have fallen so head over heels for him? Of all the famous guys in this world? why him??! And why are you so involved in all his stuff? :) Curious .. that's all

Emily said...

Kristy - why am I so involved in his stuff???

Well, first of all.....
*I like his music. It's good. :)

*He doesn't just SING about God... he lives out his music. He's like a preacher, but one who sings his sermons instead of speaks them... and God's hit HIM with the message before he ever brings it to us.

*His concerts are AMAZING. He puts on the best show I've ever seen... Some people say he talks too much, but....that's what I love the most about it! He shares his life with us, not just his music.

*I'm a FAN - Friend And Neighbor--his words, not mine.

*He writes his own music--I like that.

*He's not perfect and never pretends to be. And he loves his wife and his family almost as much as he loves Jesus.

*The words in his music ring true. Whatever the circumstance in life, there's something he's written that applies. On the new album (All Things New) there's a song called Angels Wish. It's about salvation and grace and how, even though the angels were there for creation and the majesty of that, they've never experienced the grace and redemption of our Savior. Besides the musical changes he's made in that song (singing really high!), the words make me think. All Things New inspired a sermon. Each song has Scripture references with it--you can go to those verses and SEE that the song really is in line with the heart of God.

*And..... he's FUN! :)

That answer your question?! hehe

Kristy said...

*wink and grin* Good job chica. Ya know how some people just fall SO IN LOVE with these famous peeps/artists and don't ever have a really good reason why. I wanted to know if you had a good reason...and you do *smile* And that makes me happy!
I'm glad ... and you're answer is a VERY good one!

Emily said...

SMILE - glad you like the answer!! :)

I was asked that question today, too. Or yesterday? Anyway, it's good to know there's a real reason! :)

Slicer said...

Well, I see that you're almost as bad as I am about updating your blog, Emily! I happened to get by and update mine and read your comment. So how did the meet and greet go?