Sunday, October 03, 2004


I just caught Joey after church today--small group is ON. :) We're meeting at his house this week (they met last week but didn't have my #--oops). SOO glad, it's a really godly group of people.

Typical Sunday afternoon for me--I'm beat. I just took a nap for... an hour? Two? not sure. Anyway, I'm feeling drugged. And like I should be up WORKING even though I worked my butt off yesterday. Yesterday mom and I emptied the dining room. You have NO IDEA what that was like. She'd been using the dining room as storage for forever and finally, yesterday morning when I couldn't sleep (aren't I supposed to sleep in on Saturday mornings?), I got up and organized the table and brought some big things into the garage to show here how little there really was there. We dug in--incredible. There's just a few thigns on the table left to go through.

I wish I could take mondays off. ;) hehe


Jenni said...

You mean, the dining room *I* saw? The one with a table peeking through? HOLY COW!!!! I must say I'm VERY impressed. So will you eat in there now?

Emily said...

Only for holidays or special events. You'd be impressed with the house right now. Well... as soon as they go to the beach and take all the stuff down there that's now in the living room. :)