Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Well, I haven't really POSTED for a long time. (Yeah, I heard this excuse on another blog I visit a lot. ;) Some of you may have, too... hehe) December has been insane. This was the first year that I didn't really feel "Christmas-y" and it was actually kind of a nice change. We still have all of our Christmas decorations up and I seriously don't want to take them down. It just feels like too much work.

I think I have fallen, yet again, into the trap of giving too much without getting back. Jesus gave us such an incredible example---and it looks so easy when He did it. He ministered all day, he spent all night with the Father. Easy cheesy. Fast forward a few thousand years and you're stuck with a girl who can barely keep her life inside the lines, let alone spend THAT much time with her Father... even though they both want it.

Life inside the lines... that's how I feel right now. Like I'm a 5-year-old kid who's been taught to color inside the lines, but I'm just brushing them. I really want to break that rule, but if I do, who knows what will happen?! And really... would I color outside the lines in green or red? A little or a lot? When do I go back IN the lines? When is that good and healthy and when is it psychotic and frightening? OK, enough of... that. whatever that was. :)

This weekend has been designated my "resting" weekend. I'm heading up to Puyallup for New Year's, I'm going to go to a movie one day, I'm going to SLEEP. A LOT. :) hehe I may even try the 10 am service at Olympia High School--I've heard it's a totally different experience and usually I'm at both the 9 and 11 so I can't go. This Sunday is my weekend out of leadership so... I just might do that!

For those of you who read the tagboard to the right... Serry and Richard came home for Christmas! :) Happy! It was SO good to see them... and Richard got to experience a little more of the insanity of our household. I think the night before Christmas Eve was the best we've had in a LONG time... All three of us, plus my sisters' boyfriends. I was crying for two hours because I was laughing so hard! Actually, minus a couple hours here and there, the entire Christmas experience was enjoyable. I got a camcorder and am really excited to start using it... both for personal use and for ministry. Mom and Bob made all the kids the coolest cookbook... it's got family recipes in it and stories about most of the recipes--where they came from, who likes them, stories about the food itself. They spent a lot of time on it and it's just going to keep growing. We all loved it.

OK, I think that's newsy enough for you. I didn't empty my brain, but I skimmed a little off the top. :)

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Jenni said...

Wow, a family cookbook? What a great idea! That is just SO creative. VERY cool.