Tuesday, December 28, 2004



Compassion has projects located on the eastern coast of India where the tsunami slammed onto shore. At this time, initial reports indicate that Compassion projects faced the brunt of this storm. Compassion India staff are currently working with project facilitators to account for children and their families.

If your Compassion-assisted child has been affected, you will be contacted directly. Please continue to pray for those impacted by this Tsunami.

Indonesia (this is where my little girl, E., lives)
Compassion does not have any projects on the island of Sumatra where the tsumani landed. At this time, it appears that Compassion's work in Indonesia has not been impacted.

Compassion Thailand does have two projects located in the provinces of Ranong and Krabi which were hit by the tsunami. Both of the projects are located at a distance from the affected areas. At this time, reports indicate that children are safe.

I'm so thankful that E. is safe. SO thankful. But... this thing is just killing my heart. Absolutely killing me. I well up with tears everytime I hear anything.

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