Monday, January 31, 2005


I think my computer is sick. :-( I really need to get a new one, but it's either buy a new computer or buy a house. There's always going to be that choice, right? And, aside from one rather large purchase for this month... buying a home of my own HAS to be priority number one.

I'm so limited on how much I can spend... I don't want a manufactured home, but... what if that's all I can afford? That's what we have at the beach and I love it down there. As Dad said, you can only go up, right? At least I would OWN something. I'm almost 27. I'm tired of being a transient youth... I want a little bit of permanence. I can't afford anything BIG, but... I want that for my birthday. A home of my own. It'll get through the surgery/doctor/ugh-ness with the family... give me some time to regather after Disneyland... Maybe my loan consolidation will go through by then. I'm trying to cut back loan payments--it would cut my payments in half, for now at least. that's that much more $$ to go toward a down payment and then monthly payments... Yeah.

My birthday is June 20. I can allow this dumb personnel stuff to go through at work, that starts on 7/1. Maybe I can aim for 8/1 to have a home?

All of you must think I'm nuts. :)


Jenni said...

THINK you're nuts? Girl, we KNOW you're nuts. I think I agree with your dad. It's not perfect, but it'd be a start, and it'd be YOURS.

bloggeruser said...

Need to have your computer checked out by Dr. Kate? Let me know before you buy a new one k? Go towards the Home you have dreamed about. Pray about it. WE all love you no matter what!! ***HUGS***

Emily said...

Funny thing, Jenni... you're completely contradicting Dad... He vetos manufactured homes.

My birthday present to myself would be owning a home by August. MMMMMMMm... THAT would be happy.

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