Monday, February 14, 2005

Monday Night

Hi everyone... It's 8:00 on Monday and I'm wiped out. It's been a good weekend though. Guess what? My dad got me flowers for Valentine's Day :) Thanks Dad!! It was really sweet!

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately... It's amazing how you can "take time off" of doing so many things in your life and then... you realize that God never takes time off. He's always teaching us and molding us, guiding us and making us more like Him... That's a good thing, but it's a hard thing. This realization came, though, with more strength than I've had in awhile. Last Sunday was difficult to be at church. I mean... church was good, and it was great to see everyone and... well, it was just exhausting. Plain and simple, it was tough to get through. This Sunday wasn't as bad. I left still feeling like I'd preached and interpreted (though I did neither), but I made it through DEAF and big church. Where was I going with this? Oh yeah... I'm stronger now to be ABLE to learn what God's trying to teach me. Well, at least to HEAR what He wants me to learn! Smile.

Through the past month I've missed my friends, but haven't really had the energy or desire to initiate something. Small group's been put on hold for a while because of life and schedules and stuff, but... well, now I want it back. I truly do miss that group. Not just the Bible study part of it, but the friendships, the support, the knowledge that we're all there--whether laughing, studying, crying, or listening to presentations about supplements! :) I'm leaving for Disneyland this coming weekend for the week. But when I get back, I need to make the effort to do something. Individually and with the group of us.

It's so interesting as I write this... I have so many separate groups of friends. There's my "Central friends." The ones I went to school at CWU with... MOST of them live north of me--at least an hour away (with 2 down in Oregon). There's the NCU ones... they're spread from Minnesota to Virginia. And then there's the Living Water ones... all right here, newer friendships, but just as important. EDIT--There's also those boardies, the ones I could NEVER forget (though I did forget them in here... hey, I think it was late when I posted this!). They're there. Always. (Thanks, Slicer... hehe) It would be so cool if I could gather EVERYONE together and have a big party and just let everyone mingle. Then I wouldn't have "groups" anymore--they'd just be FRIENDS. :)

Anyway. I'm going to goof off for a little bit then go to bed. Night all.


Slicer said...

HEY!! What about your SCC friends?! lol!

Emily said...

SLICER! Yikes! Notice my edit above... GRIN. Thanks! :)

Slicer said...

We've got your back, Emily! I was just playing with ya!