Saturday, September 24, 2005

Ok, I can't rmember the address to do mobile blogging so I'm emailing
myself from my blackberry and ill post this when I get home.

I've been thinking abt my post below and the not belonging feeling...
And about me and u all who can feel the same. And I realized something
abt myself... When given the opportunity, I jump into doing social
events-even with new friends. Right now its 8:11 pm and I'm on my way to
portland with ppl I've met 2 or 3 times. This is crazy! I just seem to
grab friendships and join in. That's kind of what happened with my
Living Water friends, though I haven't seen them for awhile. I just
jumped in.

Ok so... Me feeling like I'm on the outside is just that-a feeling.
Truth is different than that feeling.

Ok we're almost there! Exit 2! Adios!!


Mandy said...

I'm darn curious what you were doing in Portland and why you didn't call?!?! Not that it's any of my business . . .

Emily said...

I was there having dinner with friends for an hour and a half. Then we drove back.

Jenni said...

Hmmm, just a feeling....inteersting. Totally true but nothing I would ever have thought of. Very good perspective you have going onthere. And yes, yoiu have been Ms. Social Queen the last few weeks; I've loving it.