Friday, September 02, 2005


Wow, it's been awhile!

Well, some of you have already noticed that I've got a new website. Yup - look to the right and you'll see a link to my WW site. It's just beginning right now, but I hope to have some other things on there soon. As well as progress pics. :) (I hope!)

I'm taking health SO MUCH more seriously lately. I restarted WW (after a big gain), but feel even more confident in it (or in the God that is in charge?) than I did before even. I love feeling healthy. Love it.

This weekend is Labor Day. Going up to Jer and Sara's with everyone to play games and just goof off. I'm excited, it'll be fun. However, I'm housesitting, so I have to come back tomorrow night--can't stay up there. Have to come back to feed the dog and heifers.

Life's been good lately. Busy at work, a little bit of emotional ups and downs, but the average is really good. Still waiting on God on so many things in my life, it's crazy... but in His time, I suppose. OK, I'm on the world's slowest computer so I think I'm going to post this and go read for a bit. I'm reading a Christian novel... it's OK, but just that. I still say there are very few GOOD Christian authors out there. Pretty sad. Many of them just tell the same story over and over and don't really do anything new with it.

OK, OK! I'm going! Night!


Slicer said...

You posted it twice!! Guess the connection did a double take on your post... or you were impatient and hit the button a couple of times. lol!

Praying for you as you renew your commitment to health and fitness.

Jenni said...

been thinkin' about you lately, girlio. Glad you had fun at jer and Sara's. I'll be sure to check out the WW site. Love you tons.