Sunday, October 23, 2005


I posted this yesterday and it didn't go. My computer was really acting up. Basically...

BJ and I went to the game on Friday. Tumwater slaughtered Yelm, something like 68 to 14. Good win for the homecoming game. We spent a bit of time with Keith (yes, he's still there, actually working at all 4 schools--Tumwater, Black Hills, Tumwater Middle and Bush Middle). He hasn't changed much, except now we got to laugh at the poor little kids he was yelling at. We literally had to turn around so the high schoolers wouldn't see us giggling. It was classic Keith and it was really nice to see it.

Neither one of us had been through the school since the remodel, so Keith took us inside. it looks REALLY good, they even renamed the library--the Ralph C. Baar library. It kind of made me teary... Mr. Baar was a biology teacher at the school and one of our nieghbors. He was GOOD and he was LOVED. Everyone knew him and he was just... a great guy. He passed away after we graduated... I think around 99 or so... from cancer. So it was incredible to see the library.

He even took us into the remodeled band room. That was a trip! :) The really sad part is that none of the old pictures or trophies got put up. The legacy is pretty much gone in there. :( Tammi, I think there's a picture on the wall that you might be in... but then again, it may have been your 8th grade year. BJ found Andy in it. I think there were 2 others up from the 80s. Other than that it was all 2000 or later. Pretty sad. I missed seeing US up there.

Anyway, that was the trip down memory lane. It was really fun. I miss band sometimes. ;)


Emily said...

Dude, I SWEAR that this post didn't post when I tried to yesterday. Oh well, y'all get the story twice. :)

And Tammi - the band... the pep part was OK. The field show (the little they were able to do because of homecoming) was pretty good. :) They're winning awards--both schools are.

Catherine said...

YAY! You found me!!! =p

Slicer said...

I read it yesterday!!
Guess the problem was more likely "operator error". lol!

Emily said...

HEY! I resemble that remark! :) I've done enough stupid computer stuff lately that... yeah. ;)