Saturday, October 22, 2005

The game

Tumwater CLOBBERED Yelm last night. Tee hee!

For any old THS alumni who might be reading this (Tammi - I think you're the only one!), we ran into Keith and he gave us a tour of the school (since it was remodeled). He even let us in the remodeled band room. it was really fun, but... sniff... everyhting on the wall is from 2000 or later. Dude... it's like we were totally forgotten. No trophies, no fading pictures... wel, ok a COUPLE pics... Tammi, I'm assuming you were in one of them (I didn't really look at the year)--BJ found Andy in it, and I think it was the year before us... so most likely you were, too. well, maybe it was 2 years. Anyway.

Thanks for the tour Keith! (And I even got to tell him that I didn't like him when I was in band! Well, until he grew on me a bit! hehe!)

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Tammi said...

Emmy, that is great about the game. Keith??? How wild. How was the band?