Friday, November 11, 2005


I HAVE A NEW COMPUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just spent a ton of money, but... I've got a beautiful new computer. I LOVE IT. It's an HP Pavillion something (can't remember the model) but it's great. it's FAST and pretty and can do SO MUCH. The key now is to get everything transferred from the virus ridden machine (i.e. my old computer) so that I can reformat it and make it run better to give to my mom and bob when I move out. My computer is the house computer--until I move. I even bought a new printer (why not, eh? sigh...) so they get Kinkos (the unofficial name of my old HP PSC 500). I now have Kinkos 2 - but it's better. :) It does great photo stuff, too. :) hehehehehehhehe

It took a long time to decide to do this because I'm tryin gto buy a house. BUT... I spend so much time on here.... it just was a necessity. :) I'm super excited to see what this baby can do! :)

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