Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wow... Have we gone too far???

Self-Serve Toilet Seats
In the scheme of things, toilet seats are minor. But imagine the marital bliss when the seat takes care of itself—and pampers you in the bargain. From Toto, the tankless Neorest "washlet" turns the toilet into a warm-water cleansing unit. Gentle front-and-back aerated spray; oscillating spray massage, a heated seat, automatic deodorizer and warm drying make hygiene high-tech. Approach and the lid automatically opens. Stand there and the seat rises, too. When you leave, Neorest automatically flushes and the lid closes. Genius.


Slicer said...

So... does it dry you off as well?!?

Jenni said...

It says it dries, so yeah...I've heard of these kinds of toilets already being used for over a year in other countries...Laura used them in China. Apparently, we're the ones in the dark ages. ;)

Slicer said...

Oops! Missed where it said that. Interesting.