Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Life, color, and other mishaps

Here it is everyone, the long-awaited update. :) Well, maybe short-awaited. Heck, maybe not even awaited - i have no idea who reads this thing. Say hi if you read... you'll make me feel loved. :)

Well, today's the last day of November. 25 days and Christmas (and Santa's vomit) will be over. I drove around Tumwater on Monday night with a friend and some worship music and was amazed at some of the things we saw. Some of it was REALLY classy. Have you seen the icicle lights that TWINKLE?! Not blink, we're talking twinkling, like if light were to hit a real icicle and reflect off of it. They're beyond cool. Some of it was OK. Simple is good in these days of commercialized Jesus. Some of it was simply vomit, Santa vomit. Why, I wonder, do these people torture themselves like this?? I was distracted during a prayer (while driving) last night even when Santa's vomit plastered itself against my windshield. In my opinion (and keep in mind, this is simply opinion), these folks should consolidate. Instead of winding a thin strand of lights across 5 bushes to "connect" them, concentrate the lights on ONE bush, creating a solid lighting effect. And no more plastic people. They frighten me. Some of those blow up Santa's and snowmen are OK (we saw one that popped out of a chimmney--I loved it!), but not 18.

I now cease my Santa vomit tirade. Thanks for listening.

No one on here (except Jenni because I called her after I did it) will guess what I did tonight. I'll even give you clues that lead to what happened:
*I went shopping
*I shopped at Ross
*I bought a sweater-thing (the reason for going to Ross)
*The sweater-thing was fuzzy
*The fuzzy sweater-thing zips up and has a hood
*The zipping, hoodie, fuzzy sweater-thing has a thick white stripe on either side
*The zipping, hoodie, fuzzy sweater-thing with the white stripe is an abominable color...
It is pink. Light pink. Barbie pink.

What was I thinking??

My home closes the middle of next month (OK, so by the time y'all read this it just may be THIS month). I'm super, super excited. We're going to have a painting party there, and then new carpet, etc. will be installed, and then BAM! I get to move in!!! Here's hoping for a move in date before Christmas. :):):)

Sad thing? I now have to clean THREE toilets. ;)


Anonymous said...

I read your blog...I read it outloud to Marty crack me up...I need pictures of this PINK item! Britt

Emily said...

were you shocked, too? Yeah. sigh... we'll see if i allow photgraphs. ;)

Love you tons and praying for you guys. Update me soon.

Slicer said...

Maybe you were thinking of how you were gonna paint one room in your condo pink and white...

Emily said...


LOL - I'm gonna throw a wad of pink paint at YOU, Matt!!!! I painted my mom's house pink (living room and hallway). the only other time a wall in my home will be pink is if i have a little girl who wants a pink room. Ugh... lol