Wednesday, November 02, 2005


PLease pray for my friend TJ. After our Bible study last night he was admitted to the hospital. When I left around 12 or 1 am-ish, they had ruled out kidney stones, gall bladder issues, and were on their way to do an ultrasound. I haven't heard anything yet this morning. Please keep him in prayer.


Catherine said...

I got a message from Chris, and he said that he was released from the hospital at 2am, and that he had palloups (sp?) and some high levels of I think he said protiens?? (The answering machine recording was bad) which caused high blood pressure and dehydration. But he is ok. Still praying for him though. He had quite the ordeal.

Emily said...

Thanks for posting the update for me. I got a message from Chris early this morning, too, but was unable to post because I was in training all day.

He's not perfect, but better. And THAT is good.