Thursday, December 22, 2005

Happy News :)

Yes, you are now reading the blog of a happy homeowner. Well, technically it'll all be final around 8:30 tomorrow morning, but heck - they've got my money, that's close enough. :)

I closed today, signed all the paperwork, gave them a check... it's mine. :) I'll be painting next week - with it happening around Christmas... well, it's just not a good weekend to start work. ;) hehe though I'll probably go out there tomorrow to LOOK again. ;) I'll see if I can grab the digital camera for you guys - though it'll be a LOT better later.

For now... I'm trying to help my mom clean for christmas. I'm in charge of shampooing carpets. they DESPERATELY need them. Now I'm just waiting for bob to get home with more oxyclean. or oxydeep. or whatever. the stuff that works.

OK, back to being productive, just wanted to give y'all an update. HEHEEE!


Slicer said...

Great news and now you have the keys!
When's the party!?

Anonymous said...

You need to cross off buy a new home :)!!! Yeah, I am so excited for you.