Thursday, January 12, 2006

Hebrews is a good book. Jenni, remember when you got stuck in it during our internship? I might do that.

With all the crap going on, I misplaced my bible. Its around here I know, but... But all is not despair-i found my student bible from years ago. Tonight I found a note on the last verse of Heb 2-that jesus was tempted ans suffered like us... I wrote "Jesus was 20, too, once!". 7 years ago... Seems like a long time.

I'm healing. I hate this cough. HATE. Had a friend over tonight-probably talked too much, but it was so nice. Thanks to you!

Tried work for a little bit today. It was ok but I was droopy. Didn't last long. Seeing how little sleep I got last nigh and will get tonight (cough, hack)... I'm not sure what tomorrow will bring. Last night was pretty bad-when I finished blogging I coughed painfully for a few hours. Ttrying to hold it back tonight.

I should go. Ill be at the ocean this weekend. I'll miss church but am trying for worship tomorrow night and hitting tuesday night with at least some of my usual vigor.

Thanks for the comments on the audio posts, btw. I love my readers.

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Jenni said...

Hebrews. YEs, it's worth getting stuck in. I tried an experiment once where I read the first chapter of Isaiah every day for a few weeks, and by the end of those few weeks, I was literally in love with it. So yes. Get stuck. And have fun at the ocean!