Monday, January 16, 2006

Sunday night... Progress Report:
Cough-still with us but not as brutal. Sorry to Danielle and Robin about the phone call... Yeah.
Ears-annoying and occasionally painful. I'm still getting sharp pains but not as often. They're still plugged though... Kind of a dull ache sometimes.
Energy-depends on the day. Yesterday I went for hours, today I rested a LOT.
Work-Tuesday will be the first day I'm going to try for a full day. We'll see. I also have bible study that night that I don't want to miss.

Time has gone swiftly here. I can hardly believe it's almost Monday morning. This week is my friday off so I only have 3 days of work. I'm thankful. Used up all my sick leave and most of my annual leave I think. Great way to start the year.

I'm reading the book The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting by Mahesh Chavda. I think I bought it for Life of Prayer (when Ed taught it) but we never read it. Its actually pretty good and God is talking through it. I hope everyone on the fast is pulling through. I almost broke mine on accident today-darn onion ring!

Anyway, there's a strange sound outside I have to check on. Maybe its my angels encamped outside my window. (Its in psalms somewhere). Take care... Hopefully I'll get a real internet connection soon. Night!


Slicer said...

Praying for your continued healing, Emily.

Jenni said...

Lots of angels! Mangels and Trangels and Scangels of angels!

Jenni said...

(Just trying a little Seuss-age.)