Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Night

The refs for the superbowl? Yeah... the Steelers paid them off to make calls like that. Ridiculous.

FYI... I think the popup problem is gone now. Please post on here... let me know if they're gone, still here, or what... I had to take tagboard away. :( Sorry... It may come back later... or I'll put up a poll or something. I think IT was causing the popups. and people were stopping coming to my site because of it, so... yeah.

this was a good, if tiring weekend. I'm WAY past my bedtime as it is, sooo... good night all. Oh, and check out... I updated some links and blogs to the right. Check them out.

1 comment:

Slicer said...

Pittsburg won... the rest is sour grapes. ;-P