Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Hey everyone...  I got rid of the pop ups.  But I think I added them back again.  Well, take the poll while it's here.  And tell me how many pop ups you get when you visit my site.

Sorry I haven't updated much lately.  I just haven't taken the opportunity... I think, because I want to update, but don't know what to say, I'm going to just go for it.  Hope it's understandable......... hehe

My co-workers are all talking right now.  Yes, I'm at work, so sue me.  I'm listening to casting crowns, too-the first cd.  It's good.  People are smoking outside-I hate smoking.  Phone-hang on.

Clients.  I'm so excited to not be first on phones here. Our new receptionist started today.

It's GORGEOUS outside.  I wish I wasn't in here, I'd love to go outside and just feel the sunshine on my face.  I'm excited for spring and summer this year.  I want to spend more time outside, playing, resting, whatever!  John - we'll have to go to the beach more and fly kites, I don't' think I did that at all last year. I love kites.  I wish I was good at it, grin.  Maybe I'll talk to Andy, the owner of Ocean Shores Kites and have him or one of his staff go out and teach me some stuff-that's way more fun than just flying in circles and doing the very basic stuff I know.  Maybe I'll head down on a random Friday off to not have crowds - that's a good idea.

I love having days off, but I really miss Monday's off.  That was way better than Fridays.  Although in 2 weeks I have a 4-day weekend, wahoo!  Yeah, President's Day.

Tonight is bible study.  Should be good.

OK, so this was pretty boring.  Sorry.  At least you got SOMEthing.

Hugs to you all.


Slicer said...

Thanks for taking care of those pop-ups. I was getting tired of that. My pc at home blocked most of them, but the work pc didn't.

Jenni said...

I got one tiny one, but then it went away by itself! Yay! And dont' worry about it being boring. It's little stuff that makes us feel REALLY special.