Wednesday, February 08, 2006

You Raise Me Up

I was browsing the music to put on my site (wasn't in the mood to copy music to the site, had to go with what they had) and found You Raise Me Up by Selah. Good choice, in my opinion at least. That's kind of how I feel... "You raise me up to more than I can be..." I look at my life right now and see what God has done... the gifts I've been given, the way He has changed me... I can't describe it except in the music of this song... "I am strong when I am on Your shoulders."

Life is good, everyone. Of course it has ups and downs, I mean... I just got over pneumonia. but... I'm different than I was this time last year. Last month even. What's happened?? God started a work in my heart awhile ago. I recognized it, but... did nothing about it. He's very, very gently called me on the carpet about it recently (it's new carpet, so we're ok, smile). My reaction? "Oh... I guess I should have prayed for this before!" See... I've always been strong. Emotionally. Mentally... nothing could really break me. I guess that statement should be enough for me to know that that's not all God had in store for me. Remember the pink sweater/jacket thing? Did I tell you about the purple ("frilly") flag? Yeah... Outward indications of a changing inward state. That strength I've always had will always been there. But God wants it covered with a softness, a gentleness that I've never known before this past year. I'm awakening to a brand new side of life and I adore it. I think I adore it because... it represents one side of my Jesus I've never embraced before. And I want to know ALL of Him.

OK, I'm done talking for tonight. I love you guys... The pregnant ones (I've got 4 pregnant readers), the far away ones, the ones I've never met in person but will know in heaven, the ones I cherish who live mere minutes away. I just thought you should know that.


Jenni said...

Five popups today, total.
yay for pink and purple! I think this is a good change you're working on. I'm glad for you.

Slicer said...

I had Selah on my site for a while. Love that song! Now I've got to open another browser window so I can hear the whole thing...;-P
Praise the Lord for revealing another layer!
Praying for you, Emily!!

Anonymous said...

That was one of the songs Mark David Williams and his wife sang at our wedding!! Britt