Saturday, May 06, 2006

Holy Is The Lord
By Chris Tomlin


bloggeruser said...
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bloggeruser said...

*jumping for joy!* Sound is fixed!! Beautiful video and song by Chris tomlin! Rock on woman!

idiot said...

y'know - I'm really happy you found jeebus and all, but I'm getting to the point where Chris Tomlin is really REALLY getting on my nerves. Please set your video to not play automatically or just take it down - If I continue to hear it EVERY TIME I LOAD THE RSS FEED, I'll be freaking out in the produce section of a Wal Mart or something at 3:00 am and telling the officers that Chris Tomlin made me do it because he was always playing on my RSS feed - You don't want that on his name do you?

Please make it stop. In the name of God.