Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy Independence Day :)

OK, soo...

Today is July 3rd. June is officially behind us, PTL. Don't get me wrong, there were some GREAT things in June. It's just... it was overwhelming, at times depressing, 100% stressful, and just drug me down. Perhaps that's why I've sucked at updating this thing. Sorry.

July has a happier outlook, though.

It's been toasty around here. 90s, 80s, finally down into the 70s (I heard it was getting up to 79 today). My kitty is grumpy and I'm wondering if she's just hot. Poor girl can't even go outside and lay in the sun anymore... (I don't have a yard--just a back deck. and she runs away to the neighbors if I let her out. punk cat.) She just came to me quacking (she's old--15--and doesn't "mew" anymore... it's more... "mraaack"). I have nicknamed her "quacker" because of that! she's now sitting in my lap purring--hopefully I'll have relief from the quacking for a few minutes!

I think I'm supposed to be teaching a little bit of ASL at church... for worship and whatnot. It's hard because... well, partly I don't feel competent (only a hearing person who already knows ASL can comment on that--the rest of you must be quiet--just because it looks pretty does NOT mean it's right!), and partly I don't want to. God told me from the beginning, however, that I'm not allowed to take it as mine--or He'd take it from me. We'll see what happens.


Francisco and Kristy said...

I know we haven't talked in a while, but Emily I'm right there with you. Im trying to get back into that whole signing ASL interpreting thing...and it makes me feel so inept I wanna slap myself. *cries* It sux!!! So *hug* I know what you mean...and I'm not gonna say you're not, cuz well *shrug* you probably wouldn't believe me. Just like I probably wouldn't believe you if you said the same thing to me. Just wanted let you know we're still kindred!

Jenni said...

And 'kindred' is definitely a Kristy word. (*giggle* love you Kristy!) I do get the teaching sign language, who do I think I am?

Jenni said...

How bout next summer for our coastal relay?