Monday, September 04, 2006


Oh happy day...

Last night, while watching a movie, I decided that I was going to start going through this MASSIVE pile that i have downstairs. One thing in that pile (yes, the only part of it that I got to!) was a small box of "stuff" from my mom's house - one of those, "Here - you forgot this stuff" boxes. I found some pictures (and stuck some of them on friends' myspaces!) and some other random stuff. then I found my coin "box" - a plasticy thing that held my change for the past few years. I only really used it when I had random change in my room that needed to go somewhere.

Well, I counted it last night, figuring that I'd use whatever I found on my vacation at the end of the month. Spending money, baby! I counted $29.11!! WOO! and SEVERAL dollars of that were PENNIES! Who says pennies aren't worth anything! :)

Unfortunately, I use all my change these days... pop/vending machines, a quick stop for a diet coke on the road... but I think I need to start cleaning my purse once a week or something - like, every Saturday... if there's anything in there, it goes into a jar. I can use that jar to buy a Christmas decoration! (Speaking of... I almost bought a Christmas present yesterday, AND a baby shower present for a baby shower that won't happen for a long time! oooooh... I should start looking for stuff for that anyway... I'm going to have 3 showers pretty soon... Congrats to Jaime, Sara, and Ashley!)

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Jenni said...

Yay to find hidden money! Good idea on the money jar idea. Someplace out of sight is good, that way you won't always see it when you're wondering where all your money went!