Saturday, July 21, 2007


See, when I listen to country music all the time, I miss this on Spirit. ;) Anyway, our own Spirit 105.3 interviewed Steven - and here it is online! You've GOT to check it out! The new album releases October 23rd!

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Here is a link to Spirit 105.3's website where they interview him and we get the story behind his new song "Cinderella". Bring your tissues!

I won't go on and on and on about how great this guy is - with his honesty and real life stories that bring us ALL back to the throne room. I just will say that I'm thankful for his transparency as he lives out his life - and that God has chosen to use His vessel again to sing His love over us.

Seriously, go to the link. Enjoy it. Buy the CD on October 23rd. Go to the Portland concert with me on November 1st. Oh, and check out the website (and new revamp in 17 days!).


Slicer said...

Wonder where you got the idea to post about this interview. lol!
That's ok. Gotta spread the word!

Great to see you online a bit more this week.

Anonymous said...

Where in portland is the concert??? I'll go! -Kate