Sunday, July 22, 2007

TOHE - July, August, and BEYOND!

Happy mid-July, everyone!

I wanted to share some exciting information with you all. Most of you know that I am a consultant for Taste of Home Entertaining, an incredible company focused on entertaining as a lifestyle. If you haven’t had a chance yet, I suggest that you check out my website,

July Orders and a Promotion!
I’m REALLY close to getting a promotion with TOHE. I just need a little bit of YOUR help to get me there. I’m trying to get an additional $560 in sales this month. If you’ve been thinking about ordering anything from TOHE, now is a great time. If you don’t have the Spring 2007 catalog, just go to, click Gift Registry, Give a Gift, then enter my name. I created a fake registry with every item we have in it! (Don’t order off of the registry, though – it IS fake!) Just let me know what you’d like to order, and I’ll help you with payment. Also, if you need something shipped to your home (if you’re out of the area), there is a small additional fee. (However, if you and some friends do an order of $125 or more, you can have all of that shipped to your home without that cost!)

Please let me know your orders before Thursday, July 26! Thank you!

Gift Registry
As you saw above, we have a new Gift Registry! If you know anyone who is getting married, buying a home, or just having a party to celebrate – hook them up with me! A Gift Registry through TOHE makes EVERYONE happy!

New Catalog
Starting August 1, we have a new Fall catalog. You MUST see this. We have new items and a beautiful new color! I am SO excited about this catalog!! To get a preview, go to my website, Click the picture on the right that says “Check Out Our New Fall 2007 Catalog.” Flip through the pages and drool with me!

For the month of August ONLY, every host I have gets DOUBLE HOST CREDITS for the month. This is INCREDIBLE! Check it out…

Normally, if you have a party with (for example) $750 in sales, you get 15% (that’s $112.50) of FREE products. During the month of August, if you host a party, you’ll get DOUBLE that - $225 – ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

In addition, You'll get 4 (OR MORE!) 1/2 price items, FREE SHIPPING, and a FREE Host Special (This month it's an Iron and Glass Tray set).

Fall/Christmas Parties
Now’s the time to get them scheduled! Let’s do your Christmas shopping in August and September and be READY for Christmas! My calendar is filling up quickly – contact me to schedule your party TODAY!

Thank you everyone! Please remember, send me your July orders by Thursday!

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