Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OK, check out the song Yours by SCC: http://www.stevencurtischapman.com/thismoment.htm

Seriously, this is going to be my new favorite song... it's EXACTLY what was happening in my head when I was in San Francisco. It's absolutely amazing to hear him singing what God was speaking to my heart. It's like... it's like my prayer, my conversation with the creator of the universe was listened to, written as a rhyme, and sung with reckless abandon.

I LOVE our Maker, Keeper, Father, Ruler of Everything.


Jenni said...

I think it's cool that the stuff he records is always stuff you love.

Emily said...

LOL - he wouldn't be my favorite, otherwise, now would he?

Seriously, though... God speaks to His children in many ways. I know that when my heart is touched because of Steven Curtis Chapman's words... HE is speaking.

Slicer said...

Love that song too, Em!

Did you pre-buy?