Thursday, November 15, 2007

Morning time...

OK - it's 6:54 am. I am supposed to leave in 6 minutes for work. Still have to get my shoes on. However, my iPod is charging (it was almost dead) and I want to give it at least a few more minutes of extra charge... sometimes it's what saves me at work and allows me to focus on my job instead of other things going on! lol

Quick update...

Saturday is the Olympia High School BearZaar. If you're in O-Town, swing by! It's fun times. I'll be there with my mom's booth (Heartfelt Treasures) and I get a corner for TOHE.

The kittens are almost not kittens anymore. The 30th is their first birthday and then they'll be officially adults. They're finishing their last bag of kitten food... it's so weird. Lockwood is up to 13 pounds--and growing! Cosmo is 11.5.

We're having a bake sale at work on the 29th. Raising money for our adopted family from ADWAS. Pretty fun - this is our third year. We went with a mom and 2 kids this year. I'm buying the boys cross necklaces... I'm looking forward to that.

I've gone to Faith Assembly of Lacey a few times now. I like it there. I'm meeting one of the pastors for lunch today - Excited for that.

OK, it's 7:00. Happy day to you all. :)

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