Saturday, December 29, 2007


I have EIGHTY books on my hold list at the library. Basically? I rock.

Of course, I have to return the eight that I have out right now... but as soon as i do, I can start checking out more. there are some really good looking ones on my list. others, I don't have a clue about. but at least I know I've got variety. Jenni, there were a few on there that made me think of you, too. I'll let you know if they're good.


Slicer said...

I've got a pile of magazines and newspapers waiting to be read...

One day, I'll be like you and read an actual book! lol!

Jenni said...

wow, I OWN so many books I haven't read, I think I haven't been to the library in about six months. Rock on, girl. And let me know about those ones that made you think of me!