Monday, December 31, 2007


Well, goodbye to 2007. Yesterday Pastor Peter asked us if 2007 was a good year, an OK year, or a bad year. It's so weird... I REALLY had to think about it. I said a good year, but... I can't remember a lot of emotion (good or bad) related to it--is that a bad thing? Oh my. There were some fantastic things that happened in 2007. Some crappy things, too. I want, on December 30th of NEXT year, to look back and know without a doubt that 2008 was a GOOD year. Can I get an amen?


Slicer said...

Happy New Year!

I'll give you an Amen!

I'm starting out the new year with surgery. It can only go up from here!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emily
How are you? I got a new computer so I can get around online better and actually check everyone's blogs n' stuff once in awhile.
(mine is my )
I don't blog on my myspace one as much as I do the other.
The YMCA has started a contest every year they do, "The Biggest Winner" (like the tv show biggest loser) they pick 4 to try out for a month and then possibly win a year membership. I got chosen as one of the 4.
( )

That's really what's going on with me, that and my sister got engaged over Thanksgiving. So I'm excited.
Anyway, that's my news. How've you been? Miss talkin' to ya!!
Take care chica!!
~ Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,
I was wondering...since Slicer Pie visits your blog, I hope it's ok if I say hi to him here.
Cuz Mr. Slicer Pie won't let people go to his page unless they're a blogger, I used to be, and I don't recall my password. LOL
So I went and started writing this long lil' hello, forgetting that. HA!!!
So anyway, Mr. Slicer Pie, hope the surgery went well and you have a great New Year!!
~ Stuffie Pie :o) (Stephanie)