Saturday, April 05, 2008

I should have a rule...

I should have a rule that says when it's late... I go to bed. No such rule. Instead, I bake brownies, watch movies, and play Packrat. Oy. At least it looks like John and Kathy are playing, too. lol and John's all the way over on the other side of the country. lol I'm just grinding Jetpacks 'cause there's no powerdrills to be found. ;)

Cosmo is sleeping on my desk. I can't see the bottom part of my computer because he's completely covering it. he's so cute, though... I can't make him move. hehe they've been really sleepy today... therefore, very snuggly!

Today I cleaned my kitchen. AND went grocery shopping. Nice to have some food in the cupboard. And I like going to church at night on Saturdays. it's really good. I really like my church. I've met so many people who've grown up there or have been going for YEARS (15 years for one woman tonight)... and it is really good to hear stories like that... sometimes people stay in churches because... it's habit. Or family is there, or something. But this lady said, "I've been coming for 15 years. I love it here. and I come on Saturday's because I love the way Pastor Peter preaches. and besides, don't you just love sleeping in on Sunday mornings?! :)" I couldn't have said it better, lol.

BTW - I've really been in the Bible lately... I can't believe how I've grown from it. Remember my 30 List - how I'm supposed to be reading every day? Well, God's brought me through... Matthew, Philippians, Romans, Titus, Isaiah, Hebrews, working on Hosea right now... I feel like I'm missing something. It's incredible. I feel like every day I'm praticing obedience first... getting in the Word and simply obeying God. I'm learning about and from Him. I'm growing in joy like never before. I feel like I'm completely different than I was 3 months ago. How I respond to stressors in life is SO different... completely evolving. Like... like I have my Jesus filter back - it's been so long since I've looked at life through Him.

Anyway, it's totally late and I have to go read and then go to bed. Any suggestions for the next book? Jenni suggested Hosea (while we were youtubeing) - I'm up for any other ideas, otherwise I'll just jump in to something!

Night all!


Anonymous said...

I'd suggest Jonah - I hear he has a book in there too... :) Go figure...who knew..oh ya, everybody.

Britt (if you didn't guess)

Emily said...

I will read Jonah next... lol, i'm so glad he DOES have his own book. ;) hahahhaa