Tuesday, July 29, 2008

144 60 4

Jenni just shook her finger at me that I haven't posted in awhile. :) I guess I haven't because I have a bunch of stuff going on... but not sure I can blog about it all, you know? Like... some things that are really important to me, but I'm not sure cyberspace is ready for them yet.

SO... that being said, I'll tell you three other important things.

1 - I would recommend reading Scripture today. Here... in case you don't know what to read, I'll be reading this one tonight: Psalm 144. Hey - I'm almost done with the Psalms! Ooooh, where to go next. Maybe a major prophet? We'll see.

2 - It's 60 degrees and raining. Today proved that I truly AM a Washingtonian. It's been gray for a couple days... threatening rain, but not doing it. Right now is a nice, gray, cool summer rain. I LOVE IT. and my PLANTS love it, too. (I kinda suck at watering them.)

3 - JURY DUTY. I'm really glad I remembered to add it to my list... because I have jury duty this week. I just called - day 3 of not being called. I really don't want to go in on Thursday, and I really, REALLY don't want to go in on Friday--I have meetings those days that I don't want to miss! :) (Besides the simple fact that Friday is my day off!! :))


Jenni said...

jury duty, huh? I THINK I knew that. Yes, I did. I'd just forgotten.

144 60 4...I'm guessing htat the 144 is Psalms...it's 60 degrees, and day 4 of not being called? :) Good puzzle.

Emily said...

Close. :)

I'm group number 4 for jury duty. :)