Sunday, October 18, 2009

Since I missed a few days...

...I get to think of some extra things to share with you. :) (Keep in mind--I might get repetitive at points... if I do, I'm sorry. :))

1. Waking up to the sound of rain. It's happiness. Nuff said.

2. Realizing that when a LOT of things go wrong in one specific area... perhaps it's because I'm heading for the right track. I made a pretty hard but very good decision about how I respond to some things in life recently. As a result, that area of my life has gone nuts. The enemy is using whatever he can to bring me down and back to where I was, but if I can move forward with that perspective... I'm good to go. GOD HAS OVERCOME. :)

3. Reading books REALLY fast. :) I just started the book Bad Monkeys by Matt Ruff on Friday and I'm almost done with it - I'll probably finish tonight. It's really funny... They call it a "thriller"... not so much. But I'm enjoying it and am now intrigued.

4. A clean desk. I have worked pretty hard upstairs this weekend... and my desk is CLEAN! :) The rest of the office is a disaster, but at least the desk is done! :)

5. Church. Faith Assembly of Lacey simply rocks. ;) I went to service last night and this morning this week--different pastors, different messages (usually I'm a Saturday night girl--I love Connexion), but both on the same theme. And God talked about my #1 on this list in both of them. It was good.

6. Getting a song stuck in my head from a Deaf friend. I know, it's just funny. ;)

7. Lots of garbage and recycling. Odd, huh? Well, it's all from my office and my bedroom (which I also cleaned). It means there will be less CRAP in my house. :)

8. Clean (or semi-clean) bedroom. YEAH BUDDY. :)

9. De-Cluttering. Our 40-day emphasis this year is based on the book Clutter Free Christianity by Robert Jefress. I'm really learning how clutter in your heart affects your external life and how clutter in your life (see numbers 4, 7, and 8) affects the clutter in your heart. I'm trying to work on them both.

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Jenni said...

love the de-cluttering. I need to do that but ddon't even know where to start.