Monday, February 01, 2010

Have you done this?

An excerpt from Walking with God by John Eldredge:

(John has been journaling about prayer and talking with God. He's discussing praying about a decision here...)

"Now, if I don't seem to be able to hear God's voice in that moment, sometimes what I will do is 'try on' one answer and then the other. Still in a posture of quiet surrender, I ask the Lord, Is it yes, you want us to go? Pause. In my heart I am trying it on, letting it be as though this is God's answer. We should go? Pause and listen. Or is it no, you want us to stay home? Pause and let this be his answer. We should stay home? Pause and listen again."

A friend pointed out that she does this with daily life decisions. I realized that I do, too... Do I want a chicken sandwich or a burger? Get the taste in my mouth... which is more satisfying? I have never, ever done it with prayer, or with something more important than that.

In praying this prayer today... I think I heard an answer. I don't know how, when, with whom, or any of the other myriad of details... but I heard, "YES. DO THIS."

I want to cry with the joy it brought me. Thank you John Eldredge for the prayer support. God thanks you, too. :)

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