Sunday, April 25, 2010

Heart Surgery

It's 1 am and I should really go to bed, but was thinking about this all the way home from my hang-out time with Gentry for her birthday.

Tonight we watched Prince Caspian. It was the first time I've seen it. As with the first Narnia movie, it was fantastic. Something else was similar between the two movies (that I remember from the books, too)... Lucy's relationship with Aslan.

See, I've been doing a lot of listening lately--or at least trying to listen. If you read previous posts, you'll see where God's taking me. The past week has definitely been a struggle over my own direction, but He doesn't give up. Even just today I was able to hear, listen, and obey--and the day was much more glorious as a result.

With this listening, yearning, wanting more, though... I've had to ask myself, "What IS more? What does it look like?" The best example I've yet to find is that of Lucy and Aslan. Is their relationship perfect? By no means. She knows He is there, and yet she doesn't follow Him. She listens to those who doubt around around her, although she knows the truth. But the LOVE! The adoration she has for Aslan... She knows it; HE knows it... and it shows to everyone else.
I want that. I want that adoration with my Savior. I don't want to obey because I MUST, simply as a command. I want to obey and listen because I am compelled to from the deepest parts of me. When I finally do meet Him face to face, I want to run right to Him... able to recognize Him not simply because of His royalty but because I know the LOVE He has for me.

Peter Pevensie: Lucky you know.
Lucy Pevensie: What do you mean?
Peter Pevensie: You've seen him. I wish he'd just given me some sort of proof.
Lucy Pevensie: Maybe we're the ones that need to prove ourselves to him.

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