Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cat Story and a Winner

...how's that for a blog title. ;)

The Winner first... Mandy won last night's question! My new favorite TV show is the Dick Van Dyke show - SOOO funny! :) As a prize, she is featured in today's blog! If you click on her name, you can see HER blog... Mandy and I met in college - she was my very first roommate, back in the 96-97 school year at Central. She's married and has a cute 4 year old who loves to laugh - at least to laugh at me. Mandy's daughter makes me think I'm the funniest person in the world (finally someone who agrees with me!!). Mandy's actually one of the people who first got me to go to Salt (a campus ministry at Central) where I committed my life to Jesus. I think I still have an email from her from 1996 (yes, we had email way back then - barely... it was my first email address, I think!) that said that Bruce was passed out in the hall... (4 years later, Bruce became student body president. Hmmm...) Anyway, Mandy's a kool kat that I'm really grateful to have as a friend, and I'm thankful that she's moved back so she can be close to ME! (no, that's not why they moved back. ;) LOL)

And now for the cat story. Well, I'm not really sure which one to tell. I'll just let you know... my two boys, Cosmo and Lockwood, are quite characters. Tonight I accidentally left my closet door open (a no no with two curious kitties around) and Cosmo wandered in to get lost among the clothes, shoes, and bags. Lucky snuck in after him, but leapt out when I hollered his name. I got up to go shut the door and started looking for my Cosmo... the only thing I could see was a little bit of a fuzzy tail sticking out. He'd burrowed up against the back wall behind and on top of a box, almost covered by a bag. As I reached down to pull him out, I swear I could hear him say, "Aw Mom... You ruin all my fun."

Don't worry. He's happily stretched out on the window sill right now, enjoying the cold night air... and plotting his next escapade.

For now... it's off to bed. G'Night!

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