Monday, August 30, 2010

Randomness of the evening...

Until I get back into blogging again, my faithful few readers will be blessed with the randomness that goes through Emily's head. Beware... and I apologize ahead of time. ;)

First of all... I got a laptop. THANK GOD. Seriously. It wasn't in the budget, but thanks to some tricky math, faithful giving (that really has a lot to do with EVERYthing), and a very dead desktop... I was able to get this brand new HP on a great deal with no debt AND no touching the emergency fund. God is very, VERY good. Oh, and by the way... I. LOVE. IT. Seriously. I've never loved a computer like this. It's perfect. And I love the keyboard way more than I've ever loved a laptop keyboard before. It just... fits. :):):) <--- that's me, really happy. :)

Speaking of no debt and an emergency fund... It's been over a year and half since I went through Financial Peace University the first time. LIFE CHANGING. Seriously... it's not just a money system; it's not just about budgeting. Dave Ramsey really does get to the heart of the matter. You are FORCED to look at what is important to how, how you spend money and why... I just love it. Totally. I ran into a couple at church on Sunday who are starting FPU this fall, and shared a little about my journey... I hope I energized them a bit!

Oh, I am reading the best book EVER. (ok, aside from the Bible.) It's called Throw Out Fifty Things. It's crazy - half of the people I work with are now reading it. It's beyond simple... the author challenges you to throw out fifty of your things... from those three throw pillows that just don't match anything (that only counts as ONE, by the way!), to the ONE lost earring, to the book that Aunt Sally gave you that you will NEVER read, to the regrets you have from years past. It's simple. It's "easy." It's revolutionary. Seriously, go buy it or check it out from your library. I've renewed mine twice and it's due in two days... and I still have a chapter or two left. Need to get it finished and returned... and then maybe go buy it. She says to do it all in two weeks, and it's been 2 months for me, but the idea is still there. I'm in the 30s I think... most of my stuff is written on several different pieces of paper so I'm not really sure what my total is. It all feels AMAZING. The physical garbage (literally!) is GONE, and the emotional stuff is walking its' way to the dumpster. I love it.

This is far too much for you to read tonight. I'll stop here. What else should I talk about? Want an update on my kitties or my family or work or church or....?

I'll leave you with this:
What do you think my new favorite TV show is?
Any takers? :)
Night all.


Kristy said...


Emily said...

Nope! I mean, wow, I do love Glee. But not what I'm talking about. :):)

Mandy said...

Darn! I was going to guess Glee too. Are you sure you're not lying?
Is it the Dick Van Dyke show? (yes, that was cheating from FB)

Emily said...

Ding ding ding! Mandy won! Way to do some investigation! ;)

Jenni said...

I'm totally lacking on getting into an FPU course. I have the materials but with my income so up and down, and moving soon, I feel like it would be useless to try to budget. Thoughts?

Emily said...

DO. IT. Do it. do it do it do it. Now ESPECIALLY. do it.