Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catch Up

I miss blogging. It seems like facebook has taken over life with the 2 second status update... but without any real concern of what life is about. It will be interesting to see where technology takes us over the next few years. I'm sure most of my readers have jumped ship, but that's OK.

I've got a lot of friends who are totally changing their lives by getting healthy, losing weight, exercising, etc. I've even added Kelly's blog on my blogroll... Hers is Starting my 45th Year - check it out. She's been doing great and just ran a 5K today!

Tomorrow we have a small group leader's meeting at church. I'm supposed to know what my small group will be studying this fall. Is it horrible that I'm completely clueless? I had one idea, but wasn't super sure about it and didn't develop all the stuff I'd need this summer anyway. I could always just do a book of the bible, but I don't even know where to go with that. I'm asking God, but seriously, there's no answer yet. At least... *I* haven't been able to decipher one yet. ;) Sometimes He speaks loud and clear and I still miss it.

Time to go read my Bible anyway... I'm reading 2 Kings. For most of the other books I've been engaged and retaining information, but for both Kings books, I've had a hard time. I think I'm slacking off a little and pushing my bible reading time to too late at night... so that I'm half asleep when I get there (like right now). I probably should have read my bible and THEN blogged. Sigh. ;)


Jenni said...

Well, keep an eye on my blog because I'm going to be documenting my move as it progresses and happens. I'll watch yours too!
I miss blogging too, but reading this post helped me see why. You're right that you can keep up on what someone's eating for lunch without really knowing what is GOING ON in their world.

Emily said...

hahaha and you know what's funny? I so posted on YOUR blog without knowing that you'd posted on MINE! Happy. :)

Good. I'm gonna blog more. Having a laptop makes it WAY more accessible.