Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hearing God

I'm reading 1 Chronicles right now and just finished 1 and 2 Kings. Here's what I've noticed....

See - David, at this point, is running around the countryside fighting battles. He's got his mighty men (there were only three - i always assumed there were a TON of them!). He's got his next-to-mighty men (30 of them, but I can't remember what he calls them). He's doing his fighting thing, and winning battles and stuff. But here's what gets me... he hears God CLEARLY.

Now, maybe this doesn't seem so strange to you. But look at the environment... God TODAY communicates through the Holy Spirit to anyone who has asked. In David's time, though, the Holy Spirit was only with certain people... kings, priests, prophets... David was one of a select few who could actually COMMUNICATE directly with God. And not only did he communicate with God, he did it effectively. He asked, "God, what do we do here?" God replied with specifics - not just, "Fight them," but "Fight them by going to this hill and doing this and wait till they do that, then attack!"

*I* want to listen like that.

God - focus my heart and ears on You. Help me to hear you not only point me in the right direction, but to know the exact place to put each step I'm taking. Help me to ask the right questions to lead me deeper and closer to You. Guide my prayer and thought life to be consistently focused on You, enabling me to hear when You move even just one degree to either side.

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Jenni said...

Thank you for this.