Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Contest!!!

All right everyone... it's time to get your cameras or cell phones out... we're about to have a Christmas contest of our own - right here on this blog!!! This contest is what I'll call: Crazy Christmas Lights!

You know those houses that you drive by at this time of hear and just KNOW that Santa vomited up all those blinky lights set to music? You know the decorations that are up that make you look twice? You know those houses that you just have to stop and stare... because of the beauty of the lights? THOSE are what want! I'm embracing Christmas lights and decorations this year... Usually, Santa vomit makes ME want to vomit... this year?? BRING. IT. ON.

Your job -
- send me a picture of a house that you've seen (or that is your own!)
- if you're in my area and don't want to take a picture, send me the address and I'll try to swing by one night!

What are the specific categories? What will the winners get? Probably nothing... nothing except the joy of knowing you won. ;) But do it anyway--it's fun!!!!!

Want an example? Check out last year's winner!

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