Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Craziness of Adding Friends...

OK, so I've figured out that the more time I spend in the blogosphere, the more people I "meet," and blogs I want to read up on. I've added a few more blogs to my "People to Meet" over on the left... you should check some of them out. Some of those people I actually know, some have things in common (like adoption or Compassion), some are just of people trying to live their life and their faith as honestly as possible.

I don't really know how many followers I have any more, since so many of us/you have migrated almost wholly to facebook, but... Drop by and say hi sometimes so I don't feel lonely. :) And check out my new "friends." You might like them, too.


Nancy said...

Hi there new friend! I look forward to getting to know you better. I hope we can be a source of inspirations to one another!

Nancy-of the crazy 8

PS- I talk to myself too! Used to drive me batty when my dad did it, and now I drive my own children batty by talking to myself, especially in the car.
AND I want to adopt when I grow up too!

Emily said...

Hi friend! :)

I talk to myself in stores, at work... yeah, I get a lot of looks. I think, for me, it comes from being single and living alone. Of course, once I get married, I'll have to change that reasoning. :)


Amy D said...

:-) Awwww, you are so nice to put me over there in the people to meet column. I have definitely been blessed with new knowledge and new friends that I wouldn't have if it weren't for blogging.

Yeah, my life is real. LOL. I won't even talk about the huge argument this morning. Annnnnd, for once my kids were good. Maybe they were scared?

It's good to meet you too! And you are LOCAL, so that's a bonus!