Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Days 6-8 :)

Day 06 - A picture of a person you'd love to trade places with for a day

I thought of trading places with Obama so that I could repeal the health care law (grin). I thought of trading places with Beth Moore to see what it feels like to do something like she does and be so successful. I thought of trading places with Stefanie from Ni Hao Y'all to see what it's like to have that many kids - with that many adopted, too.

But you know what? God has given me MY life to live. I have my own struggles and difficulties, but... I also have things that are exciting and fun, and if God has chosen for me to not have or do certain things yet, then I want my own experience!

Day 07 - A picture of your most treasured item

OK, first off, I'm too tired to go take a picture of my envelope system, so I'm stealing a pic of someone else's.

THESE are envelopes. You put your money in envelopes (because cash is king!), and you spend it. When it's gone, it's gone. :) I put this as my most treasured possession, not because of the $$ in it (not much there right now, lol), but because of how much and how UNEXPECTEDLY it's changed my life. Gazelle intense, baby. :)

Day 08 - A picture that makes you laugh

This is the ABSOLUTE BEST picture I've ever seen of my little sister. I ♥ it. So much! (G - I'm sorry.... ;) hehehehee)

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