Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back in the Day....

You know, Facebook does today what we would have never imagined 10 years ago. We can sit on our couches, or in our cars (hopefully not driving!), or at work, and connect with people that normally would have dropped out of our lives years and years ago... but we've somehow reconnected with through the magic of the internet.

This week, I've been amazed, not necessarily at Facebook, but at the fact that I am now "friends" with some people that I normally would have never seen post 1996... unless it was at a high school reunion. And do you want to know the cool thing about it? Most of us have actually grown up. ;)

Seriously... I see the class clown as a loving and devoted Christian father and husband. I'm in awe of the family that another has grown... so beautiful and honest. Some are off on adventures, some are here in Washington, active in their communities and trying to change the world (even when I don't agree with all the changes!).

I think our opportunity today to witness what LIFE does with people, and what people do with their LIVES... well, I think it's pretty neat.

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