Friday, August 19, 2011

Correspondent Child!!

So you know I'm a Compassion sponsor, right? I've sponsored Ezra from Indonesia since 2004 - she's 11 now! I recently learned that you can also request a correspondent child... There are some children in the program who never get letters, etc., and while their sponsor wants to continue financially supporting them, the sponsor doesn't want to write. Compassion believes so strongly in the connection that the sponsor makes with the child, in encouraging him/her, loving him/her, showing him/her that there is someone who truly cares, that these children can become correspondent children. Someone else pays the monthly sponsorship, but the correspondent is the one who writes to them.

When I learned about this, I realized that, though my budget isn't built for a ton of kids, my hands can easily write letters and support another child that way. I finally got my correspondent child YESTERDAY! I went on my compassion account and saw that it no longer just showed Ezra's beautiful face - there was a link to another child! 12 year old Victoria from Ghana!! I was so excited last night that I instantly sent off an email (and wrote one to Ezra, too, since I was there!) and will follow up with a letter and some pictures soon. (Compassion allows for handwritten letters, obviously, but they also have an email system... The email you write is sent immediately to Compassion to disseminate to their translators and get to the child. I love handwritten things, just to show that personal touch, but having the email option has allowed me SO MUCH MORE communication.

Anyway, I'll update when I hear from her (or Ezra!). I'm actually putting Ezra's lapbook in the mail today, so I can't WAIT to hear if she likes it. :):):)

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