Monday, October 03, 2011

Mail Call - Victoria!

I was so excited to get a letter in the mail from Victoria this weekend!

 Victoria is my correspondent child.  I am not her financial sponsor, but I get to write to her and share my and God's love with her.  I am so very blessed to be able to do this!  I'm super excited that I got a letter from her because I've only been her correspondent since the middle of August!  That means that her letter came to me in just over a month and a half, from Ghana!  My communication with Ezra takes MUCH longer, usually around 3 months.

Victoria wrote to me in English (which could be one reason things went faster - no translation).  She used the "My First Letter" form, and got to tell me some basics about her family.  She told me about her family, that she lives with her mother, 2 brothers, and 2 sisters!

One message to me, "I thank you for sponsoring me."  That is such a profound and simple statement.  This girl is 12 years old and hasn't had anyone corresponding with her.  She knows, however, that someone out there cares.  It doesn't matter where the money comes from--it matters that someone loves her.  I'm so very excited that my first letter to her (that I wrote the DAY she was assigned to me!) is probably getting to her around now as well.  She's got more coming.  Oh, girl...  you're gonna know you're loved!


Teena said...

Very well said! They want to know they are loved! We have a couple correspondent children too... plus our sponsored children.

I love hearing from them!

I am having a book giveaway... come and leave a comment and I will draw tomorrow night!


Hez said...

When I saw Victoria's photo, my first thought was Ghana! I have 2 girls in Ghana, and good news...I've been receiving my letters from Ghana recently in 3-4 weeks! Can't wait to hear more :)