Sunday, December 23, 2012

In Which I Thank Everyone Who Has Been Praying...

Every so often in life, someone will mention, "I've been praying for you."  It gives you a little lift in your spirit.  A gratefulness that someone cares enough to spend their time on YOU--not anything else... Just carrying you to the arms of Jesus.

For me, it happened a lot when my sister was sick.  People in church or at work would stop me and tell me that they were praying for my family.

Lately, however, I have been awed by the people who have given of their hearts and minds and time to lift me up in prayer.  I've had people approaching me with words from God, specific Scripture that came to mind while they were praying for me... a friend just mentioned last night that she found a little trinket for me and though she hasn't given it to me yet, she keeps it in sight so that she prays for me every time she sees it.  People who should be focused on their own issues or families or lives are giving me a gift that surpasses all material gifts...

You, my friends, are investing in my life in ways you may never know.  You are encouraging me.  You are propelling me forward.  You are believing in me when I may not believe in myself.

Pastor Peter talked about giving this weekend... about how we should all be generous givers--because as we aim to be more like God in action and heart and love, we become more generous givers.  You all are sharing the love of God in a way that makes me so grateful, I cannot even express it.  And no one is asking it of you.

Thank you for the Christmas blessing, friends.  For the surprise words and love.  Each one of you is cherished and appreciated.  You know who you are, even better than I know.  Much love to you.

(By the way...  I'm going through some changes here...  As I'm bumbling along in life, God is changing my heart--which is why my blog is changing a bit.  Don't worry... it's still me.)

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