Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Where is Your Trip Heading?

Imagine with me, if you will, that you have a six year old daughter.  Before she is even born, you dream about the things you'll do together, the places you'll go.  As soon as you learn that she's coming, you shout for joy and love her more than your life itself.

As she grows up, you talk about the things she'll do in life.  She has the world in front of her, she can be anything.  Anyone.  When she's young, you start saving for a family trip to Disneyland.  You want to make the trip amazing, incredible, something that will fill her with a lifetime of memories.

You talk about Disneyland with her.  You tell stories of when you went as a child.  You introduce her to movies about Mickey and Goofy and all their friends.  You dream of the days of the Electrical Parade, and even start singing the old parade music.

She even has friends who have visited a Disney park.  They come back and regale her with stories of princess breakfasts and fun in the pool.

She is unbelievably excited.  She knows that soon she, too, will get to go.  She asks you every day, "Is today the day we get to go?  This is going to be the BEST thing to happen to me!"  You are waiting for just the right time.  You want warm weather, but not hot.  Not too many people, so you don't want to go when everyone else is on break.  You have character lunches to arrange and special surprises for her throughout the park.  You're buying princess dresses so that she can dress up whenever she wants to while there.  You're even more excited than she is... simply because you know that you are tailoring this trip to match her... PERFECTLY.  You'll still have a plane ride and driving, and all the other hard stuff of traveling with a 6-year-old, but it's all worth it.  It'll even be worth it to her.

One day soon, VERY soon, you'll kneel by her bed at night, read her a book about Pluto and Minnie, and whisper, "When you wake up...  we're going to go to the airport, get on an airplane, and go to Disneyland!"  It's not that day yet, but...  the excitement is building.  It's coming so soon!  Everything is just about right!

How excited do you think our Heavenly Father gets when He's preparing OUR "trip to Disneyland?"  I'm pretty sure He's way more geeked out than I could ever be.  And while He is preparing?  You can bet that I'll be reading HIS book and telling Him that *I* am excited as well!

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