Thursday, March 07, 2013

In Honor of International Women's Day

My friend Vicki announced on Facebook tonight that tomorrow (Friday) is International Women's Day.  Her challenge?  To write a tribute to women who have inspired, pushed, or encouraged you.

Vicki?  Game on.

First of all I want to comment on the day itself.  Sometimes, I think we forget how amazing women are.  Women have, historically, been treated as less thanUnequal.  But oh, how women are so much more.  From the very beginning, Eve was not created as a secondary citizen, but an equal partner, sharing in God's love.  Women throughout history have been rejected, abandoned, abused, trafficked... and yet they rise above.  In freedom they tell their story--a story of grace and redemption.  Of love.  Of LIFE.

My tribute today will not encompass everyone.  I wish I had pages I could write on each of you, but my time (and yours) is limited.  Today, I can only select two groups of women.

The first women I must thank today are my Mothers...  My mom, step-mom, and grandmothers.  The ones who knew me from the beginning (well, or since second grade!).  Strong women.  Capable women.  Women who allowed me to be me and celebrated who I was and who I have become.  My grandmothers proved that there is nothing more comforting than grandma's arms.  My mothers proved their strength and mettle as single moms--fighting for what was right for their children.  These women will never know the depth of my gratitude and admiration for them.  Mom and G - here's to many, many more years.

The second women are the female pastors in my life.  I didn't realize how unusual it was for me to have the kind of impact you all have had on my life.  Women I've churched under--like JoAnn, Hedy, Dawn, Anna.  The ministry "greats" in my life--showing how much God loves His daughters to serve as much as His sons.  Women I've churched with, or even from afar--like Korista, Chantel, Vicki, Angela... and every single SHWAG and U40 sister.  God is using you, my friends.  Thank you for your service to Him.

There is my heart tonight.  Who are the women YOU tribute this week?

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