Monday, April 01, 2013

When the Church is Full

Our packed Saturday night service!
Church on Easter is a remarkable thing.  Not only do churches try to ensure that everything from the number of greeters to the special music is spot on, the church, in general, expects record numbers of attendance.

People who say they "go" to church, but only attend a few times a year pop out of the woodwork.  Folks who think, "Hm... maybe I should see what this is about," or "I should do a 'good' thing on Easter" show up.  Friends of regular attenders come, dressed in their Easter best.  Rooms are crammed, kids' teachers have their hands full, and seats can be hard to find.

Those of us who go to church on the dreary weekends in February and stunningly beautiful weekends in August know that the building is packed far more than usual.  Those who don't regularly come assume that they're not the only ones making the trek to the packed house of God.

The thing is...  If the Church (meaning the people in the church, not the building itself) is telling God's story...  I'm thrilled that those who don't normally step foot in the building decided to for one day.  You know why?

God is up to something.

God is always up to something.  He has a story to tell... about real lives transformed and a HOPE that so many people have lost, forgotten, or never known.

And as a Church (again, the people, not the building) it is our responsibility to share that hope, that story.  If it means smiling at people, shaking their hands, and turning on the air conditioning (all things I got to do this weekend!), or if it means standing on the platform showing how a REAL person has found grace, hope, and redemption, we've all done our part to tell His story.

If you went to church this weekend, I hope you heard part of that story.  If you didn't go this weekend, He still wants to share it with you.

It's pretty incredible.  And I guarantee, whether you were there or not...
God is still up to something!

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