Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Just Say No!

I love praying with other people.  It's an incredible time to talk to our Savior and express our needs while hearing His heart.  However... I've been noticing something.  And it's REALLY bugging me.

When we talk to Jesus, we say the word "just" a lot.  Seriously... a LOT.

It's annoying.  And it's made me wonder... how often do I say "just" when I'm talking to friends or family, or even while I'm voicing in English as a sign language interpreter?  I've paid attention today, folks...
I don't say it.

So why am I so free to use the word "just" when talking with the Lord??

I went to www.dictionary.com to see what the definition of "just" is.  Here are two that fit my (OUR!) use of the word:
  • Only or merely: He was just a clerk until he became ambitious.
  • Actually; really; positively: The weather is just glorious.
I'm fairly certain that we'd like to say we're using the word "just" as the second definition:  "I'm positively asking for Your presence!"  or "We actually are coming to You today..."

The problem, however, is that we're not.  We're using just as "only" or "merely" - minimizing both our request and the God who can answer that request.

If I say, "I just need your help" I'm saying that 1) my request for help is minimal (which it probably is in the larger picture of life!), but I think I'm also saying that 2) I only need the minimal amount of assistance from a minimal God. 

That's not what I want to say!

Are my problems small in God's plan of salvation, healing, help, and glory?  Yeah.  I'm pretty insignificant when compared with the God of the universe.  But to Him...  If I minimize who HE is in my problem, then His resulting GLORY is minimized!

My goal, in the midst of my problems, joys, and requests, should be to lead people to Jesus, to share His story, or even just to show how much He cares about the emotions and circumstances of my life. 

The next time I feel tempted to say "just" in my prayers to the Lord, I want to remember this.  I want to word things so that God gets ALL the glory, not just the measley amount that I would like to credit Him with.

Will you take this "Just Say No!" pledge with me?!

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Patti@OldThingsNew said...

Ugh! I know I say this a lot, both to God AND in conversation. I edit it out of my writing quite a bit too. I think it is a filler word by habit but it is indeed annoying. I will work on just saying NO!
BTW there is a blog called Missional Women and they have a Faith Filled Friday party where you can link your writings to share with others. Also, a suggestion, if you remove your word verification you will see a change in the number of comments you receive. A lot of people don't want to spend the time going through that process. "Just" a thought! Blessings, Patti