Monday, September 23, 2013

The Pain of Preparation

SO.  I'm moving to Las Vegas.  What the heck???  I'm joining Sought Church while there and I'm super excited!  And a little nervous.  And wanting to procrastinate on the preparation, big time.

I have a 2 bedroom house to pack.  That means packing, but also giving things away, selling things, and throwing things in the garbage.  I've already made one trip out to the recycle bin, and have a bookshelf on my front porch to throw away.  Plus, I have to prep my house for the next phase of life--being a landlord.

I'm realizing that I'm VERY skilled at one thing through all of this... procrastination.  Seriously.  I just want to wiggle my nose like Jeannie and have it all done.  Then I can just MOVE and get on with life instead of living in the most transition I've ever thought I could be in.

But...  If I'm going to fulfill what God is doing in my life, I have to ignore my amazing skill at putting things off and work, work hard to get ready.  And I have to sacrifice things that... well, honestly I don't want to sacrifice.

Even though I live with a lot of THINGS that I don't necessarily want, they're comfortable.  They're mine.  When was the last time I sat in my rocking chair?  Ummm... a few years ago.  Yes, company has sat in it a few times, but at Christmas, when there's actually PEOPLE here, upstairs it goes to make room for the tree!  It's not important.  So out it goes...  Maybe I'll get a few bucks for it on Craigslist.

I see the same thing happen in my life.  Sometimes the traits that I cherish as part of ME are really something that God is saying, "Hey, Kid... it's time to throw that in the dumpster."  Perfectionism.  Sarcasm.  Control.  Anger.  Whatever it is, He reminds me that it's always time to do some rearranging in my soul.  That "couch" that I've sat on for so long?  It's dirty and disgusting and filled with negative self-talk.  It's time to toss it in the dumpster and instead go on a prayer walk.

You don't have to physically MOVE for God to remind you of this.  What is rattling around in YOUR head, comfortable and known, but toxic to who you are supposed to be, that God is telling you, "TOSS IT OUT!"??


Michael Schmidt said...

Congratulations Em! and good luck!

Jenni said...

Wow, sounds like a lot work. Good thoughts about the rocking chair. What do I not use???